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  • Finding the right apps

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    Altrooz Simplifies the
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With Altrooz, consumers find the Games and Apps they love - advertisers and publishers grow their businesses in a much more efficient manner

What We Do

Altrooz is solving the mobile game and app discovery problem. With hundreds of thousands of apps in the App Store and Google Play, it's nearly impossible for consumers to find the right games or apps that matter. Altrooz is building leading technologies that bring advertisers, publishers and consumers together in new and unique ways - to create winning solutions that solve game and app discovery.

Altrooz also helps advertisers get as close to their target audience as possible - by connecting them directly with publishers via our direct exchange mobile advertising network. Altrooz delivers budget efficiencies, transparency, and the ability to scale user acquisition with the highest quality users.

With Altrooz, advertisers can find quality audiences to play their games, publishers can maximize their effective CPMs and consumers can easily find and download the cool new Games and Apps they love. Everybody wins.

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